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Recent Press

"Vaishnavi Sharma is wonderful as the self-involved star, making her more human and less indifferent than I've seen before without ever underplaying her self-regard."

"Sharma -- the best thing in Seagull -- is strong as the littlest Dashwood, a role that might easily have been played too broadly and for laughs."

  1. -Huffington Post

"Vaishnavi Sharma, who is most convincing as the youngest and silliest of the Dashwood sisters, is equally so as the worldly, middle-aged actress Arkadina, Konstantin’s mother."

  1. -Ben Brantley (New York Times Critic's Pick)

"The cast's brilliant, sometimes fiery performances give the play an added emotional intensity. Sharma's stunning Arkadina, in particular, brings tears to the eyes as she desperately begs Trigorin, in a nuanced performance by O'Connell, to stay with her."

- Theater Mania

"Sharma is an authoritative, deeply conflicted Arkadina, especially in the scene in which she plays at being a mother... we see in her eyes anger and exasperation battling with genuine affection. Sharma makes abundantly clear that Arkadina sees the slightest emotional demand as a plot against her -- and yet, on some level, she understands her essentially grasping nature. Her performance alone makes a visit to The Seagull worthwhile."

- Light and Sound America